5 Tips to Consider Before You Hire A Skip Bin

tips to consider before you hire a skip bin central coast

5 Tips to Consider Before You Hire A Skip Bin


People order skip bins for many reasons and for all types of waste, but there are some important tips to consider when hiring a skip bin. Skip bins are hired for garden clean ups, decluttering your home or work space, from building waste to home renovations. Whatever your needs hiring the right skip bin provider is the first step. Its always best to plan in advance to make the most of your hire. Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips provides skip bins Central Coast NSW, our bins are available in a range of sizes for all different waste types and budgets.

Before ordering your bin there are several things that should be considered, that will save the stress and and even costs. Firstly consider your project and determine the bin options available with your provider to ensure you have the best solution for your project. Lets have a look at some things you may need to consider before ordering your skip.

Points to Consider

The first step is to ensure you get the right skip bin for your needs. Read on for tips to consider before you hire a skip bin

  • What kind of rubbish you have
  • How much waste you have
  • What Size Bin do you need
  • How to load the skip bin
  • Getting the best price for your skip bin 


How Much Waste Do You Have To Dispose Of?

How much rubbish you have to dispose of will give you a better idea of the skip bin size you need. Skip bins come in a range of sizes, so consider how much waste you have, this will make ordering the correct size easier. Assessing the amount of waste you have before ordering is a step in the right direction. Be organised!  If possible sort your rubbish beforehand in a pile, this will assist in determining the size skip bin you require. If your unsure call your skip bin provider, they may be able to assist.

How Long Will It Take To Fill The Skip Bin

Once you have chosen your bin requirements, consider how long it will take to load the skip bin . Most skip bin businesses allow 7 days for you to fill the bin. If you don’t think you can do this in that time frame it best to ask your provider if you can have the bin for a longer period. If you have friends or/or family to assist with loading you may get through the work a lot quicker. This means you will fill the skip bin within the time required and save yourself a few extra dollars.

What Kind Of Rubbish Do You Have?

Different types of waste may cost different amounts to dispose of, if your waste is recyclable it may be cheaper to dispose of. For example a bin for concrete/brick waste only is cheaper where it can be recycled as with a bin containing green waste only is cheaper but if mixed with household waste landfill facilities charge more as it is mixed with other wastes.  Sometimes it may be worth hiring to smaller sized bins instead of one larger, as this may save you money and is also better for the environment where your waste can be recycled.

What Is your Budget

If you need to stay within your budget, it is best to remember the cost will be affected by the size of your skip and the type of waste you have. Working out your budget before hiring the skip will ensure you remain within your budget. Check with your skip bin provider, most providers pricing will often depend on the type of waste you have.

Booking Your Skip Bin

Check your diary or work roster to ensure you will be home when the bin is delivered so you can utilise the days on your clean up. You can then check with your provider on availability for the bin required.

Skip Bin Hire Prices

Are you after affordable skip bin hire from a reputable and reliable provider? Get in touch with Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips, we have a range of skip options for all waste removal needs. You can look forward knowing you are hiring from a reliable, local and experienced skip bin service provider on the Central Coast of NSW. 


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