Battery Recycling

how to dispose of and recycle batteries

Battery Recycling

You may have just realised you need to replace a battery for the clock, tv remote your kids toys and know that you have a drawer full of them only to discover that they may longer work. You may be even wandering if battery recycling is possible, below we will look at options on how to dispose of batteries..

Batteries are everywhere and and can be found in most gadgets around the home. Batteries contain chemicals in them which mean they are not suitable for our skip bins or in you household waste bins.

Batteries contain chemicals that can threaten the environment, as most people dispose of their batteries in their household bins, its important to remember it is essential to handle your batteries properly.

When they end up in land fills the batteries may leak and pollute our land and waterways and can become harmful from these toxic substances, so it is best to dispose of them responsibly to avoid the chemicals leaking into our environment

The Different Types of Batteries

Alkaline Batteries – A simple battery mostly used in items such as smoke alarms. torches, toys etc.. and usually range in size from the AAA to 9V. Whilst most of these batteries are constructed from non hazardous materials it is still best to treat as hazardous and drop them off at your local recycling facility.

Car Batteries – Car batteries mostly contain lead-acid, so should not be thrown in your bin. There are many battery retailers who will accept your dead or used batteries for recycling or check with your local council who are responsible for disposing of hazardous waste for when and how to dispose of them. It may mean checking for the next chemical clean up day.

Rechargeable Batteries – These type of batteries are used for power tools, your laptops, camera etc.. and are relatively easy to dispose of. Check with your retailer where you purchased your product to see if they accept or recycle old batteries. Alternately check with your local council on how to dispose of these batteries.

Where Can Batteries Be Taken for Recycling?

Did you know some major retailers accept batteries for recycling? 

Aldi Supermarkets will accept AA, AAA,C,D and 9 volt batteries for recycling – rechargeable and non-rechargeable, other major chains also accepting batteries include Bunnings, Office Works, Battery World and IKEA, but it is always bets to check with your local retailer that they do accept battery drop offs.

You are also able to check for collection and drop off points for less common batteries by visiting

Car Batteries can also be disposed of by contacting your local council or some retailers such as Supercheap, Repco and Battery World also support battery recycling. As always be sure to check with your local retailer first.

What Can You Do To Help With Battery Recycling

In summary you can help with battery recycling in the following ways

  • Try reducing the number of batteries you use by using mains power where it is possible
  • Using rechargeable batteries
  • By taking your batteries to your retailer and dropping in the bins dedicated for batteries

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