Central Coast Skip Bin Prices

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Central Coast Skip Bin Prices

Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips is your go to place for some of the best priced skip bins on the Central Coast NSW, with prices starting from $240 for up to a week.  Our skip bins come in 6 different sizes and are suitable most rubbish removal needs.

Skip Bins come in a range of sizes , The larger the skip bin the more the skips cost. 


Skip Bin Hire Prices start from:

  • 2 cubic metres from $240
  • 3 cubic metre from $340
  • 4 cubic metre from $440
  • 6 cubic metres from $640
  • 8 cubic metres from $800

Before you order your skip bin for your renovation or cleanup its is best to determine how much waste you have. There are different factors which determine the price of the skip so read more below.


Generally, the price of skip hire will increase along with the size of the bin. So smaller bins will differ from larger skip hire costs. However, it’s important to order a skip that will be large enough for your waste disposal needs.

Before you start a big renovation or cleanup , you may want to look into the cost of hiring a skip. To find out the additional factors which influence skip prices have a read through the full article below!


Mixed Domestic

A skip can be very helpful when you’re getting rid of lots of household waste. This might include weekly rubbish as well as unexpected waste from renovations. Whether you’re tossing carpet, furniture, or mattresses, a skip is a perfect solution when you have an over abundance of rubbish. 

Mixed Building Waste

If you have an area for collection a variety of different items in a building, you could be dealing with more than one type of waste. 

 It’s important to choose a skip that’s ready to handle different types of building waste.


At different times of the year, you may accumulate a lot of outdoor waste from your garden cleanup.. Hire a skip and load it up with the organic material and waste from your garden.

Heavy Waste

Some waste can be quite heavy, especially when you’re cleaning up after a major renovation. Concrete and bricks are too heavy to be put into a regular bin.

Hiring a skip for recylable products can save you dollars and prevent waste going to landfill..

Hazardous Waste

Certain types of waste cannot be placed in skip bins . Getting rid of paints, solvents, flammable liquids, chemicals , or gas bottles cannot be placed in your skip bin. Please contact your local council for more information on disposing of these waste types. The same applies for other hazardous waste, such as  medical waste, and asbestos.


When you search for your skip bin hire provider, make sure that they have experience and expertise to get the job done. If there are any regulations you need to follow with certain wastes, as mentioned above certain waste types have to be handled differently. Ask how long you can have the bin etc..most bins are on 7 day hire, are there additional charges should you need the bin longer?

A experienced skip bin hire company will make your skip hire a smooth process from start to finish. If you’re hiring a skip for the first time, and are still unsure contact us , we are happy to answer any questions you may have.


When you hire a skip service, we will deliver the bin to your premises and pick it up once it’s full, making the hiring process simple!

It’s important to find a skip service in your local  area. Hiring a local service is also helping support local business.. If you do hire a service out of your area there may be additional delivery fees for out of area service charge. Remember to make sure you have room on your property for the delivery of your skip bin.. we are delivery daily near you, be sure sure to view our delivery area or book online today


All prices are subject to change without notice and may not be accurate at the time of viewing. For current prices, always contact us for an updated quote. Prices do vary for different waste types, For example we may offer cheaper prices for products that are 100% recyclable. Ask us how!

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