How To Dispose Of Tyres Responsibly

How to dispose of tyres responsibly

How To Dispose Of Tyres Responsibly

Tyre Disposal. Have you been wandering how to get rid of old tyres that you may have lying around, and are wandering how you can dispose of your tyres responsibly. Making sure you use the correct disposal method is important and we must abide our laws on how certain items should be disposed off. Illegal dumping is a serious crime and comes with penalties should you do the wrong thing.

If your tyres are not disposed of correctly they can also become and environmental hazard when burning or stockpiling. Burning of tyres can release carcinogenic compounds which can be detrimental to your health. It also important to remember that by stock piling tyres they may become combustible and cause uncontrollable fires if not stored correctly or in volatile locations.


So How do you get rid of the tyres?

Contact Your Local Council

  • Contact your local council and check they accept tyres at your local landfill site. Some landfills may also have disposal limits which means depending on the amount you have you may need to look elsewhere to dispose of your tyres. Each council have their own rules and regulations so its always best to check on their guidelines beforehand.


Tyre Recycling Yards

  • Contact a tyre recycling centre where they are equipped to handle tyre recycling
  • Some tyre companies and garages where you buy tyres may take them for a fee to cover storage and transportation to the required facilities


Repurposing Old Tyres

Lastly look at how you can repurpose your old tyres. Lets look at a few ideas:-

  • use as makeshift garden planters
  • tyre swings
  • garden stairs
  • a child’s sandbox


What Happens to Recycled Tyres

Old tyres are shredded and granulated and made ready for re-use. Some examples for which they are reused are

  • new rubber products such as brake pads and conveyor belts
  • road resurfacing
  • soft fall surfaces for playgrounds
  • flooring for industrial and commercial premises
  • building insulation
  • new tyre manufacturing


Summing Up

Now you have a few ideas on how to dispose of tyres responsibly, you know we can all help reduce the environmental impact of discarded tyres by ensuring your tyres or those of your business are recycled and disposed of sustainably.


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