Ideas On Waste Management

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Ideas On Waste Management

Christmas is over and the New year has begun. Nothing is worse than having to clean your house right after the holidays nor is it fun starting off the New Year in a messy place. Think of January 2019 as your opportunity for a fresh start to the New Year with a rubbish free home or work space.

Tip 1 – Cleaning up the Holiday Clutter

The holidays are over and you may not have your mojo back and relaxing may seem the obvious thing to do. Does your house look like Santa and his helpers had New Years Eve at your place and it’s still looking that way? Let’s get the jolly seasons celebrations clutter cleaned up.

Hop to it today! There is nothing better than a spring clean in summer, right!

Tip 2 – Out with the old and in with the New

Now is time to look at the stuff you have accumulated over Christmas and look at things you may now have duplicates on, be ruthless and let’s face it, if you have not used it for the past couple of years your probably won’t use it again.

Consider the Christmas gifts you received as motivation to get rid of old and outdated items

Tip 3 – Recycling

You may have accumulated many card board boxes and paper. Consider using them for storage or by placing them in your recycle bin.

Maybe you bought a real Christmas tree – don’t forget your green bin for your green waste.

Maybe your tree is too big for the green bin, have you considered hiring in a skip bin for those items that are to big for the recycle bin, it’s better than doing the tip run, consuming the rest of your valuable holiday time.

Always remember what you may no longer have a need for can be donated to your local charity, for those in need.

Remember cleaning up is not all at home…what about your work space or office?

  • Where possible go paperless – reduce your carbon footprint
  • Offer recyclable bags to your customers or encourage them to bring their own
  • Support other local businesses, supporting local saves on packaging and transport
  • When packing your lunch, home, school or office use resealable containers and packaging.

There are number of ways to recycle, view our website to learn more.

TIp 4 – Disposing of your Waste with a skip bin

Waste cannot be avoided, and the most responsible thing left to do is to dispose of it properly by hiring in a skip bin.

You may have done your best to recycle as much as possible, but not everything can be disposed of in your home bins…. or it may be that you have way too much.

We offer bins for all types of waste from general waste, renovation waste, green waste, deceased estates and more…

For all your Central Coast Skip Bin Needs call Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips

We have an easy online booking system that can be used 24/7, so you do not need to wait until office hours to book or request a quote for our services. Request a quote or make a booking now, or call us on 0432583129

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