Recycling Waste

recycling waste skip bin hire central coast

Recycling Waste

Skips Central Coast – Recycling your Waste

Having been in the skip bin industry some time providing skips Central Coast to Lake Macquarie. We are always keen to look at recycling options and cost saving opportunities associated with waste removal . We are very keen to keep hiring out our skip bins to our friendly Central Coast, Lake Macquarie and Newcastle customers, but we are also like to encourage recycling of waste to save money and the environment.

Using recycled wares to refurbish, renovate or rejuvenate is rewarding. As a business, we do our best to recycle as much as we can of our waste, through approved recycling facilities.

Did you know there are many was to up-cycle your waste instead of paying to dispose of it?

For Example:-

Old Tyres : Why not use an old tyre to make a garden? The ways in which you can use old tyres are countless. You could frame a garden with tyre edging or make plant holders, use them to make a herb garden.

Roof tiles, bricks and building waste: Builder’s waste is often very heavy and expensive to dispose of. Whilst concrete and brick is quite easily recycled maybe put your creative skills to the test. Maybe some rocks or bricks can be used to create a gabion retaining wall.


Do you have any ideas that to inspire recycling email us or follow us on facebook.


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