Skip Bin Safety Tips

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Skip Bin Safety Tips

Skip Bin Safety

Here at Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips we always make sure that we focus on safety when providing our services. Most of our clients from businesses and commercial sites strictly follow health and safety regulations. It is also good practice that our residential customers follow some safety tips.

We would like to assist our customers to make the most out of their skip bin hire. We would like to share some safety tips that will help you use our bins properly and load them safely. Here are some ways you can ensure that you are safely disposing and loading the bins with your waste.

Preparing for your skip bin delivery

Even before your scheduled delivery give some thought to where you will place your skip bin. You have to make sure that your chosen location has a stable and flat surface. You also have to ensure that there are no obstructions in the area so that you can easily load your rubbish into the skip. Carefully planning where you’ll place the skip will also help you avoid damages or injuries.

Skip Bin Delivery

On the day of delivery if you are not going to be home be sure to leave clear instructions on where the bin is to be placed. Remember once the bin is delivered it should not be moved. The driver still has to be able to access the bin on pickup. The bins are heavy and to avoid injury should only be moved with the required and proper equipment.

Loading your Skip Bin

If you have heavy items to load always ask someone to help you, avoiding injuries and safe practices are best. For those extra heavy items we have bins with doors to assist with loading. 

Do Not fill your bin above the rim

For safety and transport reason we do not transport waste that is loaded above the rims. If you do over fill your bins we may not be able to accept your entire load. The waste may have to be down loaded or if you still have plenty of waste it may be best to order another bin.

Unacceptable Waste

Always remember there are wastes that are prohibited or may have to be handled separately.

We do not accept gas cyclinders because of the risk of explosion. Contact your local council for disposal.

Paints, Liquids and Chemicals. These products may be hazardous to the environment and not allowed in the skips. Contact your local council for clean up days where they can be disposed of safely.

Asbestos is a a carcinogenic material, asbestos can cause significant health hazards and cannot be placed in general waste bins. It is best to contact a professional when you are disposing of asbestos.

Medical Waste for example needles and syringes should not be placed in bins and may harm someone should they come in contact with the needle.

So there it is in a nut shell, and basic common sense! The most common safety tips to practice when hiring a skip bin. Following these guide lines will ensure you are practicing safety first and safely disposing of your waste. 

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