Terms Of Hire

Terms Of Hire – Skip Bins

The hirer/renter as part of any or all hire acknowledges that the hire is an agreement for Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips to provide on a rental/hire basis, a suitable waste receptacle as agreed between Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips the hirer/renter at the time of hire/rental proposal. The hirer/renter agrees that he/she or any person(s) including a third party involved in the hire/rental agreement whether proposed, ordered or established that all persons who are part of the agreement have been made aware of these conditions by viewing the business web site, email invoice/receipt or delivery docket also showing these conditions, and have read thoroughly all conditions and understand clearly the hirer’s/renter’s obligations. The hirer/renter agrees that Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips reserves the right to alter or vary any or all of the terms and conditions without additional notice. The hirer/renter agrees that all prices quoted are an indication only, unless presented to the hirer/renter in a written format and all quotations are subject to be varied due to additional or unforeseen costs or fees incurred by Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips during their daily business activities. The hirer/renter being “you“, “them” “plural” or “singular” as part of a skip bin hire agrees to pay all costs involved in the delivery, filling, retrieval and disposal of the waste products to the satisfaction of Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips any third persons or authorities who are duly authorised as part of or in receiving of such waste products. The hirer/renter agrees when hiring/renting a skip that the waste placed in the skip for disposal, must generally consists of the waste as described at the time of hire/rental agreement. The hirer/renter agrees to pay Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips any additional costs associated or which are incurred as part of the handling and disposal of waste where the waste is detected at retrieval or sorting to not be a true indication or misleading in description from that description at the time of agreement for the hire/rental.                                              

Restricted Wastes not to be placed in the Skips refer Council, EPA or other sites that specify restricted products not to be accepted at landfill sites.

1. Asbestos/Fibro – There are a range of products noted by Authorities to contain asbestos, these products should be removed by professional contractors and such removals should be in accordance with Council’s or the appropriate Authority’s guidelines. 

2. Restricted Wastes – These wastes consist of products not accepted at waste disposal sites under the description of general inert waste and require additional handling procedures, they are but not limited to:- Tyres from vehicles or equipment’s, chemicals, insecticides, acids, pool treatments, paints, cooking or engine oils, greases, food waste, gas bottles or pressure packs, hazardous or toxic substances or explosives. Where the hirer/renter is not completely sure if a product will be accepted at landfill or the Authority responsible has conditions in relation to disposal of such wastes, the hirer/renter agrees to make such inquires or prepare the wastes to the satisfaction of the Authority and pay any additional costs that are incurred by either party.

Hirer/Renter’s obligations during hire/rental period.  

a. The hirer/renter agrees to be filling the skip(s) with the wastes described to the rim of the skip only, that is, the cubic content of the skips as measured from the bases to the rim of the skip and quoted in cubic metres.

b. The hirer/renter agrees to ensure all materials over length are to be reduced to fit inside bins.

c. The hirer/renter agrees to reduce any excess wastes that are nominated as unsafe to transport by Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips or their authorised representative.

d. The hirer/renter agrees to pay Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips any additional charges for removal of excess waste(s). 

e.The hirer/renter agrees that quotations which include discounts for recycled products such as but not limited to brick, concrete, clean soils, green products will be void if other wastes not agreed at the time of hire are blended or attached to the recycled products. The hirer/renter agrees to pay Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips for any additional costs incurred in handling or disposal of the contaminated products.

f. The hirer/renter agrees not to place food wastes in the skips or allow contractors hired by the hirer/renter to do so, food wastes or putrid wastes attract additional charges at point of disposal. If such products are detected the hirer/renter agrees to pay Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips for all additional handling and disposal costs.

g. The hirer/renter agrees that green waste in the general terms, relates to light pruning of live foliage and leaf matter. All pruning’s, lopping’s etc. that exceed 80mm diameter or consists of tree stumps or Cocos palms attract extra charges which the hirer/renter agrees to pay.

h. The hirer/renter agrees not to place or hide asbestos or other hazardous wastes in the skip as general waste (see notes in asbestos disposal).

i. The hirer/renter agrees that the skips supplied is as per the quotation, if the hirer/renter changes their mind for whatever reason and a different size skip is required transport costs are at the hirer/renter expense (Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips reserves all rights in waiving such costs).

j. The hirer/renter agrees that once a skip has been dispatched the agreed rental fee is due (Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips reserves all rights in waiving such costs). 

k. The hirer/renter agrees that the hire period for skips is strictly seven (7) days inclusive from day of delivery unless an alternative agreement is agreed at the time of hire. 

l. The hirer/renter agrees that additional charges apply to extended hire after the seven (7) days of not less than 50% of the original hire, Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips reserves all rights to vary or waive these charges at its discretion.

m. The hirer/renter agrees to pay for the hire of the skip bin at the time of delivery unless alternative arrangements are agreed with the management of Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips.

n. The hirer/renter agrees to pay the total charges presented by invoice within five (5) working days where a hire includes separate tipping assessments or additional fees.

o. The hirer/renter agrees that any fees or charges incurred by Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips in the recovery of any outstanding hire fees or other charges will be paid by the hirer(s).

p. The hirer/renter agrees to supply Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips contact numbers etc. to allow booking staff to verify booking being placed by a third party for that person.

q. The hirer/renter agrees to ensure that the site is accessible for delivery and collection of skips, delays caused by the hirer/renter will attract extra charges based on a daily hire rate until skip hire is completed. 

r. The hirer/renter agrees to pay any additional disposal fees for tyres, gas bottles, mattress or oils or any other wastes that attract additional charges at landfill that are discovered during disposal or recycling of wastes from the hired skips.

Asbestos Disposal

1. The hirer/renter agrees asbestos is to be disposed of by following the procedures in accordance with Local & State Government & EPA guidelines.

2. The  hirer/renter agrees to comply with the laid down requirements by such Authorities, Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips does not accept asbestos in the skips as part of  any hire. 

3. Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips, reserves the right to refuse to convey the skip where asbestos is detected at hire site. N.B Any skip hire where asbestos products are detected during recycling or disposal at Council’s facilities remains the responsibility of the hirer/renter until  proper disposal is finalised, the hirer/renter agrees to pay any costs incurred to Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips Please see Council Guide lines for managing your asbestos in your area-

Gosford Council

Wyong Council 

Lake Macquarie Council

Newcastle Council

Damages Liabilities/Insurance

1. The hirer/renter agrees to pay for all damages to skips hired whether damages by hirer/renter or by the hirer’s/renter’s subcontractors or by others during the hire/rental period or whilst filling of the skip including filling whilst employing the use of an excavator, bobcat, backhoes or any other equipment.

2. The hirer/renter agrees to pay for all repairs where the skips are defaced with spray paint or using the skips as an incinerator or moving the skips from its original placement by incorrect methods or any other damages that may occur outside what is considered fair wear and tear.

3. The hirer/renter agrees to take responsibility for all insurance relating to personnel whether hirer/renter(self) or subcontractor engaged in filling of skips or when using machinery or any other methods is employed in the skip filling process.

4. The hirer/renter agrees to take all responsibility for placement/location of skips and any damages to the hirer/renter property or the property of any other third party should it occur during delivery, filling, retrieval of the skips.

5. The hirer/renter agrees that responsibility for placement of the skips when on public property or reserves is their choice alone and the hirer/renter is responsible for compliance with all public authorities requirement including advising those concerned prior to placement of the skips, payment of any fees or levees applicable, carry appropriate public risk insurance and supply any other insurances or detail requested by the authority responsible for the public property.

6. The hirer/renter agrees to indemnify Thrifty Bargain Bins and Skips or their agents against any risks or damages and to make good any damages at the hirer/renter’s expense as directed by the authority to those public properties the hirer/renter’s insurance should be sufficient to cover all public risks and unforseen damages.

7. The hirer/renter agrees is to ensure that the delivery site is stable and able to support delivery vehicles and loads.

8. The hirer/renter agrees to pay for any damage to delivery vehicle, skips or property of the hirer/renter or property of a third party during delivery or retrieval of  skips or where the hirer/renter or their contractor has moved the skip to an alternative site after initial delivery completed. These include but are not limited to, persons, property, vehicles, footpaths, roads, fences, public property in public places, driveways, pipes, curbing, underground or overhead services or other assets as a result of the skip delivery process.

9. The hirer/renter agrees to pay for all costs associated where a vehicle becomes bogged or unable to complete its delivery or retrieval of the skips safely or towing is required where the hirer/renter selects and insists on a site for the skip contrary to delivery person’s advice.

10. The hirer/renter agrees to provide suitable access to their site for skip delivery vehicles. The access is to be a minimum of 3.5 metres wide x 4.0 metres high, the area must be clear of overhanging branches or other vegetation, clear of overhead power lines. The driveway must attain a suitable gradient failing these requirements an alternative site must be nominated.

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